Program Horses

Ace - is an Arab Quarter Horse cross gelding who was born in 2005. Be sure to keep an eye on your coffee cup around Ace because he loves to sneak a sip when no one is looking!

Applejack - is an Appaloosa mare born in 2002. She has a lot of spirit and is happiest when doing a lesson with a kiddo!


Buddy - is a thoroughbred gelding born in 2008. There is never a dull moment when Buddy is around. He keeps the barn staff on their toes! 

Ceaser -  is a chestnut Haflinger/Morgan cross gelding born in 2000. He is a bit of a celebrity as you may have seen him on The Walking Dead! He also has a special talent of sitting down on hay bales! 

Champ - is a Quarter Horse gelding born in 2001. Champ is a big ol' teddy bear who loves to be loved if you are passing his stall!

Cheyenne - is an American Paint mare who was born in 2002. Cheyenne loves trail rides and hanging out with her girlfriends in the pasture.

Diamond - is a Welsh Quarter Pony mare that was born in 2003. Her sweet, laid back personality makes her a perfect fit for our programs.

Dixie Duke - is a Quarter Horse gelding who was born in 1997. He is one of our newer horses who fit in right from the start! Dixie Duke is very easy going and likes to hang back to observe what’s going on around him.

Gizmo - is a Haflinger gelding born in 2007. He was previously a rescue. Gizmo quickly became a favorite of the therapists for his great disposition and build.

Glory - is a Morgan mare born in 2009. She arrived at McKenna Farms when she was only 2 and has grown into a wonderful therapy horse. Her spunky personality makes Glory a fun ride for all of the kids.

Gus - is a Norwegian Fjord gelding who was born in 2009. He came from Minnesota where he was part of a driving program. Kids love his cool look, especially when he’s sporting a mohawk!

Mocha - is a Miniature Horse gelding born in 1997. He is a farm favorite for the riders to love on and pet. His small size and sweet personality make him a great introduction for new kids.

Oliver - is a buckskin Paint gelding born in 2004. This sweet, handsome boy has a mane and tail that look like they've been dipped in an inkwell.  

Ozzie - is a Morgan gelding who was born in 2004. Before becoming a therapy horse, he did Parelli and Natural Horsemanship. Ozzie truly respects his riders and handlers and can always be counted on wherever needed.

Prince Charles -  is a Shetland Pony gelding born in 1998. You can usually find him bunking with his best buddy Mocha in the mini paddock.

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