Equestrian Team

Meet our 2017 Equestrian Team! Each year, McKenna Farms sends some of its therapeutic riders to the Special Olympics Georgia State Horse Show.  You can show your support by making a donation below to help cover the costs for them to compete.

Ashley is 20 years old and began riding at McKenna Farms this year. She has enjoyed riding Ace and looks forward to meeting the other horses. She is excited to
join the team and learn with the rest of the kids!


Candace has been riding for about 8 years. She enjoys riding Glory because “she’s very silly and makes funny noises”. Candace has tried Western, but prefers English riding. Her favorite thing about riding is that no one can see her disability when she’s on the horse. “I’m just like everyone else.”


Cate is 11 years old and has been riding for 4 years at McKenna Farms.  She rides English and although her favorite horse changes frequently, she loves Glory and Ace. Cate’s favorite things about riding are trotting and giving her horse hugs. Her favorite part about Special Olympics is being in the ring in front of the judges and the dance party!

Devon is 15 years old and has been riding at McKenna Farms for the past 5 years. He prefers to ride Western, and he likes trotting the best. Devon enjoys getting to know his horse, especially his favorite, Ace! He is excited to return to the Special Olympics this year where he loves to hang out with his friends and watch them ride. 


Giselle has been riding at McKenna Farms since she was three years old. She began competing in the Special Olympics at the age of eight, and she looks forward to riding with the Equestrian Team every year. She loves the competition and the many friends she makes! Giselle has been diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type-5. She is able to live a full and happy life due to the therapy and horseback riding with McKenna Farms. Riding Glory is the highlight of her week!


This will be Jamie’s second year riding Western at McKenna Farms. He counts the days until his weekly lessons! He loves all the horses, but has recently been developing a good friendship with Applejack. His favorite part of riding is trotting, and his favorite things about Special Olympics are LOTS of horseback riding and meeting new friends!


Kymberly is a sweet and spunky young lady with autism who has already learned a whole lot at McKenna Farms. She developed a quick bond with Cheyenne and is learning how to care for and prepare her for riding lessons, under the direct supervision of her instructor Allison. She is very excited about participating in the Special Olympics with the Equestrian team!


Mackenzie is 11 years old and has been riding English style for about 2 years. Due to Mackenzie having autism, her body craves high input and frequent motion; riding provides overall balance, gives her the necessary support to focus, and is a therapeutic sensory aide. The thing she loves most about riding is the idea that she can control her horse's movements by simply giving a command. She finds this fascinating!  She hopes to one day become a veterinarian. 


Madison has been riding for 10 years. She has come a long way since starting the therapeutic riding program at McKenna Farms. Her listening skills and focus have increased exponentially. She has also seen great improvements in her balance and leg strength, both on and off the horse. Madison feels very confident and this program has much to do with her self-assuredness. She adores the horses and her instructor, Sarah!


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