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At McKenna Farms, we provide therapy services to children from birth to 21 years of age. Referrals can come from a variety of sources: physicians, therapists, teachers, early intervention coordinators, friends, and family members.


Volunteer Manual & Form

Volunteers are a crucial part of McKenna Farms. There are numerous ways for someone to become involved within our organization. Helping in hippotherapy sessions by leading the horse or sidewalking is fun and just one of the many ways a volunteer can help.


Volunteer Manual
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Volunteer Form
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Therapeutic Riding Form

Therapeutic Riding is an exciting recreational therapy that combines the positive movement of the horse with a rider’s ability to take control. It is a highly sought after sport for riders with a disability that prevents them from having a natural walking gait, for on the horse you can’t tell which rider is the disabled one, we are all equal. However, Therapeutic Riding is also beneficial to many disabilities; cognitive, physical, sensory, or just self esteem!


Child's therapeutic Riding Form
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Adult's therapeutic Riding Form
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Medical History and Physician's Statement

This form is mandatory for all therapeutic riders, and has to be turned in before starting sessions.


Medical History and Physician's Statement Form
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Horses Helping Heroes Registration Form
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Able Bodied Riding Form

As of 2/14/2018 new able riding applications will be temporarily unavailable

Able Bodied Riding Form
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Student Observation Form

Student Observation Form
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Horses Helping Heroes Fundraiser


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