Horses Helping Heroes


Horses Helping Heroes…Heroes Helping Horses.


“Horses are some of the most gentle creatures on earth and can sense when a person is having a rough time in his or her life. Sometimes that’s what you need as a Combat Veteran healing from old wounds.”

- Captain Cameron West, USMC Retired.


McKenna Farm’s equine assisted activities, including our Horses Helping Heroes program, are designed to be individually tailored to focus on the specific issues that affect each client.

The riding instructor or therapist works closely with each client utilizing a team approach.

By working together, the program is able to provide life skills that extend beyond the arena and are able to positively impact the individual’s daily life.


Veterans and service people may also choose to be involved in caring for our therapeutic horses. Time spent with horses is rejuvenating and nurtures the soul, providing relief from stress.


The Horses Helping Heroes program specifically addresses the rehabilitative needs of service men and women recovering from injuries sustained in the line of duty, such as traumatic brain injuries, amputation and PTSD. The specific objectives of the therapy vary based on each rider’s individual needs.

Social Emotional Goals may include:

  • Social Interaction within various contexts
  • Developing peer to peer and family based relationships
  • Improved self confidence
  • Emotional control and self-discipline
  • Reducing anxiety and developing patience
  • Teamwork
  • Re-integration into community/Sense of normality


Physical Goals may include:

  • Increasing core strength, balance and coordination
  • Normalizing range of motion
  • Improved respiration and circulation
  • Reduction of abnormal movement patterns
  • Sensory integration
  • Cognitive Goals may include:
  • Sequenctial thought processing
  • Articulation of thoughts and expression of emotions
  • Development of spatial awareness/orientation
  • Ability to express and communicate effectively in various situations
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