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Aquatic Therapy


What is Aquatic Therapy?


Aquatic therapy is a method of treatment where water is used to facilitate improved functional development. This service is provided by licensed physical, occupational, speech, and assistant therapists.


Why the Water?


When the body is immersed in water, a certain level of buoyancy is achieved. Aquatic therapy provides your body with additional stability and comfort thus relieving physical stress and increasing your body’s awareness. The warmth of the water is an ideal medium for flexibility and muscle activity. Once skills are obtained in the water, functional activities of daily living are improved.


What are the Benefits?


•Motor skills and coordination

•Muscle tone

•Head and trunk control



•Balance and symmetry

•Joint mobility

•Sensory integration

•Communication skills

•Cardiovascular endurance

•Relief from pain and muscle spasms


•Psychological, cognitive, and behavioral function


Who can participate?


Individuals (4 months and older) with a variety of diagnoses

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